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1:1 Weight Loss Coaching

Have you been yo-yo dieting and struggling to lose weight?
Has your weight loss stopped despite eating healthier AND exercising? 
Have you cut your calories and initially started losing weight but now you're eating 1200 calories or less and no longer seeing progress? 

Join the ULTIMATE 6 month weight loss program!

The 6 month 1:1 Weight Loss Coaching program helps you:

  • Find the diet that is SUSTAINABLE and right for your lifestyle AND helps you lose weight

  • Explore different forms of exercise that you find enjoyable that works into your daily routine

  • Improving your mindset, fostering self love and creating self care practices that benefit your mental health

  • Address areas of stress and find stress coping mechanisms that work for you

  • Address other components of your life such as your relationships, sex & intimacy, home environment, career, finances, creative outlets and spirituality that may be out of balance



Not sure if 1:1 Weight Loss Coaching is for you? 

  • Schedule a FREE BREAKTHROUGH SESSION to see if I can get                      you to your goals and if I am the right coach for you! 

Why 6 months?!

In 6 months you get 12 sessions which gives us time to:

  • Experience different life events and navigate them together (i.e. birthdays, vacations/holidays, career stress, life transitions like graduation or moving etc.)

    ​Go beyond just diet and exercise and explore areas of your life that feel out of balance such as relationships, career, finances, spirituality,  home environment etc.

    Set you up for long-term success and build habits that will help you maintain your weight loss once coaching ends


What you get from the 6 month program

Individualized 1-1 support that goes at your pace and starts where you're at

50 minute bi-weekly check ins 

Access to coach via email, text and/or voice notes outside of sessions for support and accountability

Guidance to discover an exercise routine that works for you and supports your goals

Flexible payment schedules - monthly, biweekly or in full

Holistic approach to weight loss addressing common areas of stress that may lead to emotional eating and self sabotage

Professional guidance, encouragement and support

Proven results that can be maintained after coaching

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