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Calorie Tracking Kickstarter Program

Are you wanting to track calories as a tool during your weight loss journey but not sure where to start? Well look no further!

The Calorie Tracking Kickstarter program simplifies the process!

Benefits of program: I guide you through tracking calories in a healthy and sustainable way to reach your weight loss goals without over restriction by:

  • Personalizing your calories and creating an action plan including diet breaks to reach your weight loss goal

  • Adding diet breaks where you eat mindfully so you learn to use calorie tracking as a tool and know how to maintain your lifestyle without it

  • Encouraging and supporting you through the good, the bad and the ugly

  • Helping you transition away from tracking when you’re ready

  • Helping you set realistic weight loss goals that are achievable and work for your lifestyle

  • Providing recommendations every month to help you stay on track towards your weight loss goals

  • Help you navigate common dietary barriers such as emotional eating, food guilt, eating during holidays and finding balance

What you get:

  • Learn to track calories without over restricting but still moving towards your goals

  • Learn to mindfully eat during diet breaks and use calorie tracking as a tool

  • Create a healthy lifestyle that works for you and is sustainable

  • Accountability and support

  • Learn to trust yourself and feel confident in your food choices

What is included:

  • Free 50-minute breakthrough session to learn about your current diet and lifestyle habits and see how I can help you

  • 3 sessions total – one each month

  • Unlimited email access for communication and accountability – response within 12 hours

  • Moderate accountability

  • Monthly check-ins and email support between sessions; you reach out when you have questions or just need support, I will check in every 2 weeks by email or during our sessions

  • Renew every 3 months as needed

Cost: $75 CAD / month (~61 USD / month)

Renewal options: Renew every 3 months as needed

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