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3 Popular yet Ineffective Ways to Lose Weight - You'll Gain it All Back with These Methods

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The ideal body image for most women is to have a low body fat percentage, or rather to be small in some places and juicy in others. While there is certainly no problem with that, the reason and method of achieving this goal and the ideal body is of consideration.

Your reason for wanting to lose unwanted pounds will determine how you go about doing it.

Weight bias is the term for negative weight-related attitudes, beliefs, assumptions and judgments toward individuals who are overweight and obese.¹ This definition includes those underweight and anyone with an eating disorder. The belief that shame and guilt will encourage a person to lose weight or that those unable to lose weight have no self-control or discipline is the leading cause of weight bias.²

Putting guilt and shame on yourself to look "better" is an unhealthy way to motivate weight loss and could lead to you choosing dangerous and unreliable ways to lose weight fast. Women's insecurity about appearances is the leading cause of the endless "lose fat fast" products, diets, equipment and exercise routines available today.

Three unproductive ways to lose weight:

1 - Fat Burners and Weight Loss Supplements:

Supplements don't put you in a calorie deficit (when you burn more calories than you consume) - the process by which the human body sheds unnecessary weight.

The majority of over-the-counter fat burners are not regulated or FDA approved, which means you could be consuming dangerous ingredients that have the potential to give you seen or unseen health issues. Supplements are a short-term fix. Many people usually gain back the weight that they lost (and sometimes more) after they've stopped taking them.

2 - Lack of Stress Management/ Coping Skills:

Cortisol is released into your body under stress, giving you a temporary 'high' to escape the situation causing you anxiety (flight or fight reaction). Once the high wears off, your body seeks to replenish its energy levels in the form of cravings - mainly for high-carbohydrate and sugar foods.

Especially for those who stress-eat (obtaining temporary relief from stressors by eating/snacking), developing stress management skills will provide a productive method for dealing with stress. These coping methods will ensure you stay on track with your eating plan even when life throws you curveballs.

3 - "10-minute belly burning" exercises: