3 Types of Exercises Anyone Can Do to Lose Belly Fat | Add These to Your Routine for Fat Loss

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In this glorious age of information and technology, we have all the knowledge we could need or want at our fingertips - quite literally. We can find almost every answer to any question ever asked in the palm of our hands (provided there's a good internet connection).

And what about all the apps available? There's an unlimited selection of apps that can satisfy your needs, whether it's for entertainment, personal development or business.


Having a smörgåsbord of options available can be tricky. There are many opinions, and you're never short of conflicting information on almost any topic, especially with regard to weight loss, choosing where to start, what to read, and which app to download is really complicated. It's information overload!

Whether you're at the start of your weight loss adventure or researching topics for weight loss maintenance - it affects us all! The amount of conflicting information online and on social media platforms is mind-numbing. After looking at the variety of diets and workout plans, you may have found yourself doing your best to smash together a routine and hoping for the best! (I mean, it's better than nothing, right??)

We would love to tell you there's a winning combination of diet and exercise for quick and painless weight loss. However, it doesn't exist. You're more likely to spot a unicorn on your way to work than to find "the perfect" weight loss hack online.

This post will share something better than the cookie-cutter/copy and paste method for weight loss - building blocks that make the journey comfortable for you, your routine and your wallet. Below are three components recommended as the foundation of your training. You can mould and shape how you'd like to combine them, just as long as you include them into your routine each week.

1 - Strength Training - Muscles are metabolically active, meaning it burns calories to maintain themselves. The more lean muscle mass on your body, the higher your metabolism rate - which equals more fat-burning effects!


Strength, or resistance training, can be performed with body weight, light (or heavy) dumbbells or resistance bands - as long as you put the muscles under tension.

This form of training is thought of as a long-term investment, with greater rewards the longer you practice. Muscle takes time to build and to show on the body. The goal is body recomposition - building muscle and losing overall body fat percentage.

2 - Low-intensity steady state cardio (LISS Cardio) - This form of cardio is the chilled-out sister of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Yes, "cardio" can be chill. LISS cardio requires you to up your heart rate to 50-65% of your heart rate max and performed over 20-30min for beginners and 30-60min for active individuals.

LISS Cardio is great for active rest days, recovery from injury, beginners and family members of all ages. Activities like walking, biking, hiking, rowing and swimming place less pressure on your joints and heart while you reap maximum heart-health and weight loss benefits.¹

HIIT can be intimidating if that is not your style, and if you don't like aggressive movements, you're less likely to do it regularly. LISS cardio can be enjoyed with others or while listening to your favourite podcast or audiobook - getting hotter and smarter at the same time!


3 - Doing any physical activity and movement that you enjoy. As mentioned above, if you enjoy doing something, you're more likely to do it more often. You can cheat your mind into burning off some calories if you don't label it a workout. #lifehack

Incorporate any activities that get you moving or your heart rate up slightly. Your mental and physical health will thank you for scheduling some joy into your daily life.

Exercising and working out, whether for health or aesthetic reasons, should not be a shlep or a chore (unless training for a body-building competition, marathon, etc.).

Factors to keep in mind when planning your routine:


The only way to find your ideal monthly/weekly training program is to test what exercises you enjoy doing which comfortably push your limits. Before jumping into the next trendy workout routine or diet everyone 'claims' is the sh!t, ask yourself if what is expected of you to follow this trend is sustainable. Can you see yourself doing it all day for a year?

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Written by: Andrea Thelen of AuthenticAndrea44



30th September 2022

¹ Horsfall, A. (2022, April 8). What is Liss Cardio? LiveScience. Retrieved September 26, 2022, from https://www.livescience.com/what-is-liss-cardio

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