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3 Helpful Reminders to Simplify Your Weight Loss Journey | Holistic Weight Loss Tips

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

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The images above are inspired by topics Elaine has recently covered with her clients; below she addresses the first statement:

"When you're on social media constantly using other people's weight loss journey's as "inspo", it can be so easy to fall into the trap of thinking: "I'm not doing enough".

​As a Weight Loss Coach, I am on TikTok quite often and see a lot of the weight loss journeys that are trending. A HUGE Majority of the weight loss journeys that I see women using as "Weight Loss Inspo" are unsustainable and I can tell the creator will regain the weight back the moment life gets too stressful for them...

​... A weight loss client of mine fell into this wormhole of over-consuming other women's weight loss journey content and feeling like her journey was inadequate. I had to remind her that she's already tried every other diet under the sun and every time has regained the weight - and then some...

------> Please be Aware: Just because someone says a method will lead to 'rapid weight loss' DOES NOT mean you will keep that weight off after losing it. Often, the more restrictive the methods used, the harder you'll rebound!"


(This is a hard pill for many of us to swallow.)


Always remember that social media is mostly individuals showing off their "best version" of themselves - and that can often be a fake image.

Transformation posts don't often show you the hard work and the REAL total amount of time that goes into the process. They also don't normally show you the "ugly side" - days when they binged, felt bad about themselves or when they (your 'Inspo' with the ideal image/body) were comparing their body to someone ELSE!

It's great to have genuine people to follow on social media that inspire you, but when you start comparing your body to others or wishing your life was 'like theirs', just pause and remind yourself that what you see on your social media isn't always true reality, that your body is unique and so is your life - including your weight loss journey.

"Take your journey at your OWN pace. Come back to your own goals and focus on losing the weight in a sustainable fashion so that you can finally end your yo-yo diet cycle instead of having to hunt for a new diet every time when your old one fails." - Elaine Achempong.