How can Rejection be a Blessing? | 5 Reasons Proving Rejection is a Blessing in Disguise

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I'm sure you are familiar with the devastating feeling and negative self-talk that comes with experiencing rejection. There are numerous negative associations with rejection, but today let's focus on the good that can come from encountering a letdown.

Since the dawn of time, our primal ancestors relied on acceptance from the tribe and directly related it to their survival - and in 2022, we still do!

Acceptance by our tribe promises our safety and protection ('someone has my back if lions attack in the middle of the night'), which lessens feelings of anxiety. While possible to live socially independent in modern times, it will, however, be a sad existence.


Rejection directly contributed to the self-development and evolution of humankind. Without it, we would still be in our comfort zones living in caves and collecting berries (as tempting as that sounds, I'm glad we evolved to have wifi and chocolate).

With this in mind, remember that facing rejection is a sign that you are giving life a chance to amaze you and grant opportunities for growth.

Confirming the timeless cliche that reminds us, "You won't know unless you try".

Rejection is a part of life but how you handle it makes all the difference.

Thomas Edison, the famous American inventor of the 19th century, has a thought-provoking quote about his many attempts at making the lightbulb.

"When a reporter asked, 'How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?' Edison replied: 'I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps'."

Edison shows us that he did not let his failures define him and merely saw the attempts for what it was: learning experiences. You give your power away to the person or situation when you allow the rejection to immobilise you.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If someone doesn't appreciate what you have to offer, no one is right or wrong, but the match simply isn't meant to be.


You won't always know why something wasn't meant to be. When you are at the stage to hold space for unconditional love and acceptance for yourself, you can see how rejection can be a Divine gift.

#1 Opportunity to re-evaluate your priorities:

When your primary focus is on being accepted or approved, whether into a school, a new job or even a relationship, you may cheat your authenticity to become acceptable for the position.

Almost every Disney movie is correct in teaching the value of staying true to yourself - no matter what others expect of you.

The next time you do not receive what you wanted, take a moment to question if what or who you wanted aligns with your best interest. Take note of your reason for pursuing the goal: is it what is expected of you or is it genuine to your heart's desire?

#2 Stress fuels growth:

Amazing possibilities can spring up from 'the land of the unknown' because you have yet to place any limits when in unfamiliar territory.

Change is uncomfortable but is a necessary step in climbing out of your comfort zone. As a muscle needs to tear to grow to be bigger and stronger than before, you too could learn to appreciate the nips and cutbacks of life.

#3 Is the goal still relevant?

Analyzing your actions and their results is a wise habit to have. Revise what does and doesn't work as well as what needs refining. You can be so focused on achieving the outcome that by the time you reach it you discover that it's not what you want anymore. And that is okay. It is natural to change your mind.

Your efforts will not have wasted time because you will have learned plenty during your hard work on the journey. Will you be like Edison and find a new way to make your lightbulb, or are you going to work on a new invention?


#4 Creates space to align with what you deserve:

To get an idea of what this means, imagine holding many apples in your arms, so much so that you cannot take any more apples no matter how hard you try. The same applies if you hold onto people, beliefs and situations that you believe are healthy and fulfilling.

By letting go of your grip (your attachment), you create an opportunity for the right people and situations to gravitate toward you.

You have freed up space in your hands to catch a golding apple or two!

#5 Change is scary, but living with regrets is worse:

I cannot sugarcoat it: rejection sucks big time. Getting pushed back can be a necessary shock to the system. Bringing to your attention a humble reminder that things will not always go your way, but to be patient and persevere regardless.

A baby doesn't give up learning to walk when they fall a couple of times. In the same way, you should not allow your failures and rejections to hold you back from living your best life possible.

Don't let the fear of rejection stop you from trying new things and living a bold, fun life that you are proud to have. Your future self will thank you for stretching your limits to experience the sweet reward of risk and to have fewer regrets wondering "what if I never tried".

There's an element of wonder and mystery that appears when you don't receive what you wish. Can you imagine how boring life would be if we always got what we wanted?

The next time you face rejection, take a minute to wonder (and get excited for) what better opportunity/person is on the way to you now instead.

Making the mental shift to view rejections as a positive experience isn't an easy switch. If you would like assistance turning your setbacks into glow-ups then book your CONSULTATION CALL with Elaine today.

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Written by: Andrea Thelen of AuthenticAndrea44

15th July 2022

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