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How to Find Your Dating Non-Negotiables | Dating with Intention & Establishing Dealbreakers

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Have you ever made acceptions for someone in the beginning stages of dating only to have your heart broken, your time wasted and perhaps lighter in your wallet?

"I should have listened to my intuition", you said. "Next time, I'll know better!" or so you hope...

Sis, it's not the dating pool that stinks (well, maybe just a little).

The real issue is probably your standards!


If you don't know what exactly you're looking for when searching for your Prince Charming, you risk falling for his scrub, second cousin Jerry. You deserve to have the best in life, which requires knocking back guys who don't meet your standards.

Plain and simple.

Dating non-negotiables are the values and standards your potential partner must meet, which you will not compromise. These are usually based on your core values and not on shallow 'luxuries' like, "He's gotta be tall, a CEO and super wealthy."

Whitney Houston asked a wise question we should all ask of any potential partner, "How will I know if he really loves me?"

The feeling of falling in love is an evolutionary trick our bodies use to control us to continue our species by liking someone enough to make a baby with them. The chemical reaction we call love influences us to create bonds with our loved ones to secure our survival.ยน

This article, along with beloved Whitney Houston's classic song, asks you not to blindly trust the warm & fuzzy feelings when choosing a potential-forever partner (whether you currently have someone or not).


A simple example of a dating non-negotiable would be you wouldn't entertain (i.e. waste your time and effort) getting to know someone if they are a smoker because you're not a smoker and don't like to smell and taste. Establishing a firm limitation, like in the example, will instantly block potential partners not suited for you - no matter how great they might be!

So how can you tune up your dating standards?