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How to Succeed During Your Weight Loss Journey When Your Partner is Not Supportive

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You've done it! You have tried and tested too many fad diets, weight loss drinks and funny tasting 'detox teas' that you'd like to admit, and finally, you've found the golden express ticket to a successful and enjoyable weight loss journey! You've now got an eating plan and workout routine tailor-made to suit your needs and wants (without cutting out all carbs and your favourite foods), and you've already seen progress in your first month! Oh, the relief!


For the first time, you're genuinely happy on your weight loss journey. You have a supportive coach/accountability partner, find it easier to make health-conscious choices, enjoy exercising and, oh! Did you forget to mention that you've already lost an inch and a couple of pounds?? 😁👏😋

You're confident you can reach your goal weight/body on this new sustainable lifestyle change. But there's one problem… Your partner doesn't appear to approve of your new vibe. From slightly rude comments, blatant pessimism saying, "this diet won't last - just like the others", and even testing you to sabotage your diet, your boo doesn't seem to want to support you.

Can you relate to this feeling?

"If your partner is unsupportive on your weight loss journey, then it's time to reconsider your relationship. It applies to any type of journey you're on. Support from a partner is non-negotiable.
This does not apply if you have disordered eating/binging/purging behaviours and your partner is concerned for your health. A partner who doesn't support your journey or doesn't believe you'll succeed negatively impacts your mental health and stress. You DESERVE to have people in your life who will cheer you on. Reconsidering the relationship can mean having a conversation about the lack of support, setting boundaries or choosing yourself over the relationship." - Elaine Acheampong

The support received from our social circles can heavily influence our weight loss results. A popular 2007 study from Harvard University reported that chances of obesity increased between 37%-57% if someone close to you, like a friend, sibling or spouse, gained lots of weight.

This study proves the connection between our behaviour (what we do) and those closest to us. To quote the study: "obesity can spread through social ties".¹

Knowing this, it makes sense that we should be mindful of who we spend time with and if they align with our values and goals. It's okay if you want to make lifestyle changes and your partner does not, but if a happy and understanding balance is not reached between you, things might get messy.