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Is your Toxic Relationship with Food Preventing Weight Loss?| Exploring your Relationship with Food

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"A toxic relationship food? Is that even possible?" - Absolutely!

It may not be as noticeable as an ex-partner or an authoritarian boss, but it is necessary to understand how you relate to food if you want to simplify your weight loss journey (and who doesn't want to make that process EASIER?).

Food, glorious food! Can I get an Amen?


Food, in all its marvellous forms, is why we're all alive today. Physically, it sustains us with the nutrients to keep our bodies going (for better or worse). Emotionally, it accompanies us at happy social events like birthdays, celebrations and reunions, as well as consoles us in sad times - farewell do's and break-ups.

But have you ever stopped to think of the value or meaning that you assign to food?

Food psychology is the study of the mental processes behind how and why we eat. It includes that beyond the need to eat for survival, our eating habits are greatly influenced by our perception of food as well as various other social and environmental factors.¹

How was food treated and discussed when you were younger and growing up?

  • Did your Gram-gram tell you that "good girls don't have second helpings"?

  • Was your mom obsessed with her image?

  • Did your dad count every calorie he consumed?


  • Was food a blessing and appreciated in the home?

  • Were you raised without the terms "good" and bad" foods?

Each of us learned how to behave and experience the world by watching what our parents or guardians showed us and told us. The environment that was created in which you were