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Period Cravings and Weight Loss | Part 2: Best Weight Loss Foods (and what to Avoid)

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It's mind-blowingly beautiful what happens in a woman's body when it prepares for the opportunity to bring another life into this world. However, the process of menstruation can cause disaster to your regular diet & exercise routine if you're on a weight loss journey.

If you choose to apply the knowledge and advice from both Parts of this topic to your own fitness journey, you will have the priceless advantage to reduce the risk of weight gain, or damaging progress made, before and during your Periods.

Part 1 defines the main hormones that spike and fall which clearly causes us to eat more than usual and crave foods rich in calories, carbohydrates and fats. Included in the post is 4 valuable ways for you to prepare to lower your chances for giving in to your PMS cravings.

(Definitely a secret every woman should know! So spread the word! :) )


As much as we respect the magic of the Weight Loss Journey and strive for successful results - whatever the ultimate goal is for you - just know that IT IS OKAY to HONOR YOUR CRAVINGS in moderation.

Do your best to make the healthy practices and switches a part of your life, but if your craving is hella persistent, no matter what you do to "fight it", please have that doughnut or loaded-fries, Babe! One or two helpings of unhealthy foodstuffs won't Totally derail your weight loss progress.

DID YOU KNOW? : There are foods which can surprisingly worsen symptoms of PMS!

Mind the Salt:

Too much salt at any time of the month isn't good for the body. Too much salt can lead to dehydration and water retention - which can equal dehydration headaches and an extra portion of bloating when menstruating. Being dehydrated can also worsen those nasty PMS cramps! No, thank you!

Manage that Sweet tooth: