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The ABC's to Loving your Body as it is Right Now! | Accepting Yourself Despite Your 'Flaws'

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Where did we go wrong so many years ago to allow mainstream media to feed us total falsehoods about how to have the "perfect life" or that we have to be living the "all-American Dream"? These lies have become the standard by which we judge ourselves and others. The silly sausage on everyone's BBQ is that being skinny or a size 0 will solve the rest of your life's problems. No more money troubles, relationship flops, career jumping, or lack of respect from strangers - they'll all magically disappear, and your life is finally "perfect".


Sounds ridiculous, don't you agree? Logically, we know that this mentality makes no sense. Yet, we diet, starve, juice, fast, HIIT, sweat, 5 min ab, shapewear, nip, tuck, inject, blur, photoshop, shame and guilt our bodies to fulfil this ancient myth.

No matter your source or reason for having a lack of love for the body you see in the mirror, there is still time for you to turn the self-hate into self-love and acceptance.

A is for Acceptance:

By wishing and wanting our bodies to tick the boxes of what society deems "acceptable", we seek to be accepted by them (our parents, friends, partner, community, etc.). Because humans still have a deep-rooted tribal mentality, our subconscious considers acceptance from our 'tribe' an element for survival.

Accept what yo' mama gave ya! If you're going to fixate your attention on your looks, then shift your focus to what can be changed, like your overall body fat percentage and muscle mass. Instead of wasting your mental energy wishing to change things like your bone structure, eye colour, hair type, height, skin tone and other factors that are impossible to change without cosmetic surgery, or if at all.

B is for (at least) Be Neutral:


It's less draining to be in a perspective of unbias, where you neither hate nor love your body than to dive into fake positivity. It will take time and energy to undo the years of self-loathing patterns and habits you've lived by for so long.

If it's too difficult to start telling yourself you're beautiful when you're naked, at least do your best to be able to look at yourself naked and say, "Yup, that's my body. In all it's natural glory. It is what it is and I accept it!".