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You Can Rewire Your Mindset for Lasting Weight Loss Success | The Result of Positive Affirmations

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Diet and exercise are universally known as the main ingredients for losing weight. However, the secret ingredient for long-term & lasting results is often ignored.

This ingredient is your Mindset: the psychological element to successful weight loss.

Your mindset is the beliefs and judgments you hold about yourself, other people, the world as a whole and your relationship to life as you know it. Your mindset determines your response to situations and directly influences your success and accomplishments. It is your unique outlook on life and the map created for your brain to navigate the world.


Your thoughts create your reality - which means whatever you believe, whether it's negative or positive, will manifest in your life. If you undoubtedly believe that you are overweight despite the 'pain and sacrifice' you make to eat right and train hard, you will remain to see yourself as overweight.

And WHY is this?

Your conscious mind does not know the difference between real and imaginary. By repeatedly thinking and feeling that you look and feel overweight, your brain follows your instruction and produces the results you feed it. Your brain is merely following orders and doing its job.

A person's mindset is created and established in their youth. Your experiences growing up and lessons taught by your parents/guardians, life situations, school and environment all impacted how you currently view life.

There is no reason to beat yourself up if you realise that you have self-deprecating tendencies because you can lovingly manipulate your mindset to work to your advantage!


Affirmations are an effective tool to rewire your mind to create any change you wish in all areas of your life. An affirmation is a short sentence, written in a positive light and the present tense, of a trait or value you wish to embody. It's like creating a new version of yourself (as it's usually as an "