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Neema M.

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Elaine has brought creative ways for me to be more aware of my appetite and I have my nutrition without resorting to tracking like I have in the past. The most significant change I've noticed so far is that I'm more balanced in every area of my life. I feel like if I ever have obscure questions that she doesn't know the answer to it's really valuable that they are looked into, and an answer will later be provided, There's such a level of honesty with a wealth of knowledge and motivation. I would recommend this type of coaching for anyone who is looking for a long-term sustainable, lifestyle change. With a lot of coaches they focus on rapid weight loss long-term or rapid changes but I feel like this actually gives you the tools to make sustainable changes and learn about the root causes of your problems. also the level of support is unmatched, this quality is hard to find! Thank you for being wonderful Elaine! 

Client Testimonials

Ericka B.


I have loved being able to connect with Elaine and learning about her journey and the things that I can do differently. I also like talking about things that don't relate to fitness (ie. getting the bag  😂). I might not be seeing scale changes but I've lost an inch in my measurements. I do like being able to talk and vent to someone who understands the challenges. I have gotten better at giving myself grace if I don't want to workout or if my nutrition isn't the best.  I've definitely gotten stronger and can use my 12 pound weights for some workouts. I've also tried and have been successful sometimes with changing my mindset around weight loss and not needing everything to be a sprint. I do feel like Elaine's been helpful in sharing resources or workouts and being able to help me see how much I've progressed whenever I haven't been able to see it. If you're hesitating to invest in coaching just do it. While it might be "expensive", you are investing into yourself and your future. But having someone to help you on your journey, helps boost your confidence and allows you to be a bad ass bishhh

Amina O.


I enjoy my conversations with Elaine, it makes me feel like I finally have a friend I could be completely honest with and not feel judged or feel like my stories will be told to others. I like that am learning new things about eating and nutrition. The biggest noticeable change I've noticed since coaching started is my self awareness and acknowledgement of emotions, food and relationship to food (mostly). Elaine has been able to help me towards my goals by telling me about mindful eating and using affirmations. If you're considering investing in coaching just know it's worth it. Elaine you're awesome and I am grateful for you!

Lynda O.


My goals when I started coaching with Elaine were to lose weight, get back into a set routine and feel moticated and like myself again and she was able to help me work towards these goals by constantly checking up on me and making helpful recommendations. The biggest tangible change I've noticed since coaching with Elaine has been feeling like myself again and more confident. I've also noticed that I'm overall much more positive. I recommend Elaine to anyone looking for a long term lifestyle change, she's the best and it's been an amazing 6 months.

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